Who are we?

Worship Media TV (WMTV) is an Arizona-based subsidiary of MultiPoint Vidoes, LLC. We provide quality live streaming and on-demand video services to communities of faith. With decades of experience in the multimedia and live video streaming industry, MultiPoint Videos has provided custom streaming solutions for many companies. Providing our services for places of worship sparked the unique opportunity to grow and create Worship Media TV that exclusively offers an easy, no-hassle solution to live stream church events. With proprietary programming and design, WMTV has brought a professional and affordable option to bring spiritual services and events to a broader community. With 3 levels of membership we have a viable option for any church – huge and high-tech, small and simple, or any blessed community in-between. A Worship Media membership will be an asset to every growing and active congregation! While attending a service is the ideal, there are many congregation members and other individuals that would be able to get spiritual encouragement through a live streaming church service. We want Worship Media to be of specific interest to churches looking to provide their homebound and sick an opportunity to still enjoy the worship services of the congregation they are already connected to.

Growing Strong and Reliable is the Focus of WMTV

We want our customers to grow and thrive with the services we provide, so as we grow our customer base, we’ll be growing to extend our services outside of the United States. We’re also gearing up to roll out some new features on the administrative section of our website to offer multi-camera switching, DVR (Digital Video Recorder) functionality, and additional styling capabilities.