Frequently Asked Questions

Can the live stream be saved and shared on social media or other websites?

Yes, administrators of the account have the ability to download the file in mp4 format, which can then be used in any manner you wish.


Can a phone equipped with video recording be used to broadcast a service?

Currently, this is supported but not recommended. Worship Media does not recommend this because cell phone camera quality is generally much lower than a dedicated camera, and because cell phones may not have the ability to tap into your local sound mixer board.


How do I play the stream/video on my church website?

Administrators will have the ability to copy the HTML embed code for the player, which can then be placed on any position of any page of a website.


Can I burn a recorded service or other church function onto a DVD?

WMTV does not copyright the content of your streams. Administrators can download the file in H.264 format and distribute the content as needed.


What type of video camera will I need?

WMTV is compatible with network based or IP (Internet Protocol) cameras.  We recommend the use of Axis IP cameras which provide a quick and easy network setup and quality streaming technology of H.264 video and AAC audio for best compatibility with all devices.


How hard is it to set up my camera with the streaming service?

Utilizing the network based cameras makes the setup quite simple.  Plug your camera into your local network and then make sure it’s available externally through your network’s firewall, typically port 554.

WMTV can also offer on-site or remote technical assistance at additional costs.


Is there any other equipment needed besides a video camera?

No other equipment is needed.  For best audio experience we have found that connecting to the audio from the local sound mixer board is best, but not essential.


Do I need to download any software on my computer?

WMTV does not require any computers to encode or stream your content.  No additional software is required and we don’t require anyone standing behind a camera at every service. Everything is completely automated once your camera is installed and your network is configured.


Is there a storage limit for the video files that are saved?

The storage limit is based on the level of service you select.


How difficult is it to set up a live stream after I’ve done the initial setup?

Once your setup is complete the administrative area of the website is used to setup your streaming schedules, group camera recordings, and more.


What kind of technical help is available?

All support is handled through our efficient online support.  Additional technical support can also be purchased on an as needed basis.


How can I get the best audio quality for a live church streaming?

Audio quality is greatly affected by area in which the camera is installed. We recommend connecting your camera to the sound board of your facility.  We have also found in some situations that a separate small mixer with an ambient microphone and the facility sound feed produce the best user experience.


What is the recommended Internet speed to achieve a good quality stream?

The upload speed of your internet connection must be able to support the video resolution you have selected, which is most commonly HD (high-definition).  In order to properly stream HD quality, the live stream will need an upload speed of 1.5Mbps, however WMTV recommends an internet upload speed of around 3Mbps to account for other network traffic that may occur. If you do not plan to stream in HD the speed can be reduced.


Can I customize the player for my church?

Yes. WMTV provides a configurable player.  Your player size, playlist location, player style, and page backgrounds can be configured in the administration area of our site.


Am I able to see how often my live stream/recordings are viewed online?

Worship Media makes analytics data available to its customers using Piwik. This means that the only parties with access to your data are your organization and Worship Media, and that your data will not be collected or sold in any way.


How is this service better than the free options available to live stream church services through other websites?

Using a service such as Ustream or Livestream requires someone behind a camera with a computer, and typically serves advertisements to the viewers. Churches often complain that these advertisements interfere significantly with their viewers’ ability to properly experience the service, especially because the church is not given control of which advertisements are served.  Using our system designed with advanced programming fully automates the process for a hassle free solution to get your church service online, and Worship Media will never show your viewers advertisements.


Are there setup fees?

First time Worship Media customers will need to purchase their own camera if they do not already have one. Other than that, no. Unless additional technical help is needed to install your camera (most customers do not need this help) there are no other fees to get started.   We also don’t require your first month’s payment until everything is set up and ready to stream.


Are there any contracts or time-honored commitments with your streaming service?

There are no contracts or unnecessary attempts to make you stay with us longer than you want.

We do suggest that you set up automatic payments for your subscription/membership to avoid a lapse in streaming services, which can be easily stopped as needed.


Is there a limit to how often we can broadcast?

There are different limits depending on the package selected.


Can I use your service for other means than church services? can be used for weddings, funerals, baptisms and any other sacraments performed in the church.

Should you require a live streaming service for something else, you can contact MultiPoint Videos, LLC for custom development.