Why Use WMTV?


Solemnly promulgated by HIS HOLINESS POPE PAUL VI on December 4, 1963
“The most important of these inventions are those media which, such as the press, movies, radio, television and the like, can, of their very nature, reach and influence, not only individuals, but the very masses and the whole of human society, and thus can rightly be called the media of social communication”

To Provide a Worship Service to Homebound and Sick Members

Our primary motivation in developing WorshipMedia.tv was to lessen the disconnect felt by church members that are homebound, sick, or otherwise unable to make the regularly scheduled service in their place of worship.  Although there are many other benefits to live streaming church events and services, we are especially passionate about providing WMTV to minister to those that can’t make it to their church.


Worship Media is completely advertising and commercial-free, so your viewers never have to see any inappropriate messages or be distracted from your online worship services.

Completely Automated and Easy Setup

WMTV does not require any computer to encode or stream your content.  Once your camera is installed and your network configured everything is done through the administrative area of our site.  Just a bit of clicking to set up your church’s streaming schedule and player settings, then our highly developed programming does the rest.

Outstanding Broadcasting Technology

We’re always keeping up with the fast-paced technology of the video and live streaming world to bring the most reliable service to our customers.  Our streaming server technology is the best part of our business and you’ll get the benefits of that with every stream you broadcast.  We are constantly updating our servers with up-to-date leading-edge software so that we can provide the highest-quality viewing experience and trouble-free service.

Video On-Demand with Every Subscription

You have the option to schedule a recording for any live streams, so you can offer viewings of services and other recorded events on your site.  Any recording can be made publicly available on your site, but accessed on our servers, so you don’t have to worry about big video files taking up space on your website server.

Knowledgeable Support Staff

Our customer support team has been trained on the ins and outs of web streaming services.  Whether you’re having technical difficulties with your equipment or need help navigating your administrative area, you can be confident that a knowledgeable representative will guide you on the right path.

Customizable Player

The advance programming of the administrative area of WorshipMedia.tv allows our customers to configure various elements of the web-based player.  We utilize the JW Player , which is the most versatile and the most dependable player for video streaming on the market.  The player size, playlist location, player style and page backgrounds can all be adjusted to integrate seamlessly into an existing church website.  With just a few clicks you can set up your player, adjusting the settings to compliment your site design.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not sure that you’ll really benefit from having your church service online we faithfully stand by our no-risk guarantee.  We will refund the full amount of your first month if you find our live-streaming membership just isn’t compatible for your church.